The first SAFRA bus exhibition at the UITP Global Summit

SAFRA, as part of its manufacturing business SAFRA Manufacturer, is participating for the second time in the Global Public Transport Summit organized by UITP (International Association of Public Transport). This summit, which takes place every two years, is being held this year in Stockholm, Sweden, from 10 to 12 June. This event brings together the international public transport community, decision-makers and suppliers of the industry, with an extensive exhibition of vehicles. For the first time, SAFRA will showcase its Businova at this international trade fair.

Every two years, UITP chooses a new setting for the Global Public Transport Summit. This year, the event will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, in recognition of the city's recent achievements in public transport, which are a form of art, this being the theme of this summit: "The Art of Public Transport". The event provides the opportunity to display the different art forms used in transport, which help to strengthen the appeal of the various modes of transport. This theme forms an integral part of new sustainable transport strategies, as the appeal of public transport helps to reduce urban congestion, and consequently has an immediate positive impact on urban air quality.

As such, SAFRA Constructeur, a French SME, will showcase its Businova, a vehicle with an atypical and striking design with its 2-part chassis and 3 axles. The Businova is one of a kind, and thanks to its design, it boasts exceptional interior lighting and a panoramic view from the rear of the vehicle. The design has been a hit with a number of towns, including in Castres-Mazamet, which recently welcomed 3 new vehicles to complete its fleet, a model of which will be featured on the SAFRA stand during this exhibition. This urban area was chosen for a plug-in hybrid electric version, a very low-emission vehicle that perfectly meets the needs of towns and cities as they transform their transport fleets, as it is easy to bring into service.

The Businova is also available in a zero-emission model, a 100% electric version with slow charging in the evening at the depot or pantograph fast charging system, as well as in a hydrogen version.In 2018 SAFRA Constructeur was awarded the largest French public hydrogen bus tender, becoming the leading French manufacturer of hydrogen buses. Today, SAFRA Constructeur has built up its entire range around the Businova brand, which fully meets the requirements and regulations related to energy transition, both on the French market, under the Loi de transition énergétique (energy transition law), and internationally, under the revised European directive on clean vehicles.

Currently, Businova is in operation at various locations across France, including Albi, Gaillac, Marseille, Périgueux and Castres-Mazamet. As for production, SAFRA is currently manufacturing the 6 hydrogen vehicles purchased by the Artois-Gohelle area which are scheduled to be completed before the summer, and is now getting ready to manufacture 5 other vehicles for BE GREEN which will be driven in Versailles, France. Other orders are also planned for production this year, including vehicles for Albi and Le Mans. By attending this International Summit, the company will also be able to showcase its expertise and recent achievements, and meet with prospective customers and potential investors, the company being keen on expanding its capital.