Funiculaire de Pau (64)

The funicular, which on leaving the station joins the Boulevard des Pyrénées and the Place Royale, is considered by the people of Pau as a historic monument (even though it does not officially have this title). Although wanted by the mayor Henri Faisans and unveiled in 1908, it long had its opponents who feared that such an iron framework would be a blot on the landscape. Today the metal snake glides almost noiselessly between the palm trees up the 105 metre long 30% slope.

On average it transports 500,000 passengers free of charge per year.
Safra's mission:
- Addition of an access for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility (pushchairs, the elderly)
- Addition of 2 bicycle storage facilities
- Involvement with electrical modifications
- Repair of bodywork and door mechanics
- Internal and external paintwork.

Website : Ville de Pau