Every year, bad weather in France, such as hailstorms, causes a great deal of damage, particularly to vehicles.

SAFRA Automobile has therefore set up a mobile repair structure throughout France that takes care of damage victims from the date of the assessment meeting through to delivery of the repaired vehicle.

Our strength is, without doubt, the speed with which we can deploy our human and technical resources, as we are open to the public from 7 days after the hailstorm.

We’re a pioneer in this field and have worked with our French insurance partners since 2009: our customers’ satisfaction is our greatest reward.

Hail affects both private and professional customers, so “SAFRA Hail” has set up 2 concepts :

The autonomous repair platform system

On the day of the hailstorm, our French insurance partners contact us to ask us to set up a mobile repair shop, which will be operational from D+7. Victims are dealt with quickly and results are excellent. We offer a complete service unique in France, which includes: handling the victim’s administrative formalities, loan of a courtesy vehicle, the assessment, paint-free dent removal, spare parts, windscreen replacement/repair, traditional bodywork repairs and cleaning prior to the vehicle handover. All provided with a high level of service.

Subcontracting to a professional

Our hailstorm service may also be set up on the premises of professionals who call on us. “SAFRA Hail” sends out a team of experienced technicians to the premises within 48 hours. Our long experience of dealing with hailstorm damage and our Internet portal totally dedicated to damage management and accessible to the various parties involved will appeal to professionals who have suffered damage as they’re able to work hand in hand with our teams.