Do you think that Safra’s order book is full of straightforward tasks that require a totally-mastered know-how in each of the company’s businesses and available human and material resources well sold to provide comfortable margins and allow for a few problems or delays?

Like many companies, the realities of our business are very different and everyone in the company is required to give of his or her best, day after day. Everyone works with enthusiasm and precision in the pre-production sales and design phases, as well as during production – often highly integrated at Safra – right up to the final finishing touches and after-sales service.

Through this website, we’re proud to show you the diversity of our production, our projects and our history. Combined with a newsletter, it will enable our customers, prospects, partners, future employees and yourself to follow our development. We design and produce many fine projects and we’re not going to rest on our laurels, because one project, however complex, will lead to others if it’s successfully completed.

Our strategy is to diversify and innovate to allow Safra to move forward at a rate of growth synonymous with sound financial health.

I hope you enjoy reading about what we do; please feel free to contact us to discuss your projects and needs, large or small: we’ll be delighted to draw up our best offer and turn it into a reality.

In everything we do, we are all guided by a common instinct.

This is true for the child launching into his first drawing, to the multi-national entrepreneur.

This instinct is as fundamental as breathing in order to survive.

This instinct pushes us to take the second step, to go further, to do better.

By seeking to understand, by creating, improving, progressing, we make this world a better one.

From the child who produces a better picture, to the scientist creating better medicines, from governments who write better laws, to businesses creating better products.

All these, in one way or another, contribute to making somebody, somewhere happier.

So when we say, “Let’s do even better”, we say it with reason and with our heart. All of us here at Safra do everything possible to unite heart and reason; in everything we do for our clients, our employees, our suppliers.

If we have a reputation for doing well, perhaps from now on we will be known for always doing better.