SAFRA (Société Albigeoise de Fabrication et Réparation Automobile) was founded in 1955, initially to assemble coachwork on manufacturer chassis-cabin units.

The company has changed constantly throughout its history to adapt to changes in the “people transport” market, as may be seen in the change of activity initiated by Serge Bodoira when he was appointed as Chief Executive in 1978: from a coachworks, Safra became a coachwork renovator and repairer. Over the years, Safra has also constantly diversified and the company is now involved in 3 complementary businesses: the automobile, the industrial & rail and the fit-out.

In 2007, Vincent Lemaire became chairman of Safra then chairman of the SAFRA Group, a majority shareholder in the company, in 2017. In the same year, Serge Bodoira took on the position of chairman of the Supervisory Committee.

Today, SAFRA operates from its Fonlabour site, which covers a total area of 8.5 hectares, including 16,000 m² of covered buildings. The 3 businesses have all taken on an ambitious dimension for the group, which continues to develop and innovate. Its current major project is Businova, a real challenge that takes the company back to its roots.