Since 1980, Safra has represented Steelcase, a leader in the field of office design and layout and an office furniture manufacturer.

Steelcase offers a broad and complete range of products (desks, seats, storage units, filing units, computer worktops, room partitions, etc.), Safra has sole distribution rights for the Tarn department.

These products may be adapted to any type of architecture and installation for:

  • All types of spaces : individual work spaces, communication spaces, information processing spaces, meeting and reception areas, etc.
  • All types of jobs
  • All budgets, offering excellent value for money.

We also provide you with a range of expertise to improve the design and facilitate the management of tertiary work spaces: layout and installation studies, accompanying change, training work or co-working studio, layout analysis and, ergonomic studies, furniture stock management, interior works recommendations, acoustics, lighting, decoration, etc.

We also organise the delivery, installation and maintenance of Steelcase products.